RadiantQ WPF FlexyGantt

As the name implies this is a very flexible, light-weight control that can be bound to any type of flat or hierarchical list of resources with each resource containing one or more "tasks" that are represented in the gantt chart on the right with task bars in a single row.

Binding your hierarchical list to the multi-column tree list on the left is as simple as binding to a TreeView via HierarchicalDataTemplates. The multi-column tree can also be fully customized to bind to appropriate properties in your bound objects.

The look and feel of the task bars for both summary-tasks and tasks is easily defined in your application XAML. Drag resize and moving the tasks to new locations can also be easily enabled.

While a multi-column tree can be used on the left, optionally, you can also display a FlexyTree (TreeView) on the left.

FlexyGantt with a TreeView on left

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