How to find the last descendant of an activity/task?
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How to find a task/activity by it's ID?
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What are the different ways to improve the performance of the gantt with a large set of tasks?
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How to manually add references to GanttControl to an existing project?
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EndTime field without Effort field
How to listen to changes made by the end-user on the task times?
Hierarchy with same data type in all levels
How to get hold of the IFlexyNodeData of a given object in the bound data source?
Load Data On Demand On Expand
Dependency Lines Rerouting
How to expand a specific node in the heirarchical list?
Calendar and CalendarWithExceptions
How to filter the source list of the gantt through a CollectionViewSource?
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How to zoom the whole gantt when the FontSize changes?
About Task Field Types
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How to parse and get hold of all the UI elements representing a task bar in the FlexyGantt's chart?
How to find a specific task's UI element?
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How to move parent  task along with child task?
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How to color the tasks with dependencies differently?
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Overriding Dependency Setup Behavior
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How to determine the date at the middle of the current visible view in the chart?
Custom Bar Rendering for Working Hours
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